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Care about countering fake news? We need you!



The real (and sad) news today is that fake news is spreading everywhere. But the good news is that there are people who care about countering fake news–like you!

We have a mission here, a mission to debunk fake news and uphold the integrity of the media. Ignoring fake news is certainly not enough. We need to reject it soundly and loudly.

We are looking for a Fact-checking Team Manager to lead this effort. 

We don’t want to be the one who defines this role. If you are committed to fighting fake news, tell us what you think we should do together. In this role, we’re counting on you not only as a team member but also as a strategist and a leader. We expect you to be someone we can rely on completely.

If you think you’re that person, please submit your application to luatkhoa.org/job-application by July 10.

Not motivated enough yet? Consider that you might be playing a historic part in changing our country’s media for the better. That’s what you are signing up for. Nothing less.

And of course, we want to recognize your contribution generously. What number do you have in mind? 
Click here and be the change you want to see.